Walk To School Month

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Starting the day off with a walk to school can help get your child’s quota of daily exercise in as well as giving you some important time together before school. But walking to and from school without incident isn’t always an easy task.

Here are some tips on how to walk to and from school safely.

Younger children should always walk to school with an adult. However, when time comes to walking to school by themselves, here’s a few tips to share with your children.

• Advise that they walk with a friend when possible.

• Work with your children to pick a safe route to school; one that avoids dangers.

• Stick to the route that has been agreed on and do not take any shortcuts, no matter how much better it may seem.

• When you are near the road, don’t push, shove, or chase each other.

• Never accept lifts from people who are unknown or not arranged by parents.

• Talk to your parents and teacher about any bullying that may happen during your walk.

Be seen
Remember, drivers may not be able to see you well. Always wear bright-coloured clothes and if it is dark or hard to see, carry flashlights or wear reflective gear. Pogo helps children stay safe and be seen in low light and dark conditions with silver high visibility clothing reflectors. Using Scotchlite material, these shapes can be applied to clothing and accessories. Easy to apply and simple to remove. Can be made semi-permanent by ironing over the shape. You can purchase by clicking here.

Look for traffic

Watch out for all vehicles at every driveway and cross on your walk to school.

Also look for drivers in parked cars who may be getting ready to move.

Cross the street safely
1. Stop at the kerb – even better if you can find a crossing.
2. Look right, left, and right again.
3. Wait until no traffic is coming and begin crossing. If you’re at a crossing always wait for the green man to start flashing before you step out.
4. Keep looking for traffic until you have finished crossing.
5. Walk, don’t run across the street.

By teaching your children to obey traffic signs, signals and find the best place to cross the road then you’ll be able to encourage active travel to school whilst making sure that they stay safe.

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