360° Visibility

Pogu uses the most advanced reflective technology in the world, scientifically and safety tested for the baby/infant market to reflect over 200m. 20 x length of a double decker bus! We work with 3M Scotchlite to develop our reflective safety range. This means that you and your children are visible to the driver and their car headlights when crossing the road to the school gates or crossing the road to the local shops when wearing Pogu reflective products.

Scotchlite is a retro-reflective material, it returns light in the direction of the original light source. Rather than dispersing light the diagram shows the arrows bouncing light from the child back to the driver. This much greater distance of visibility gives the driver time to react and keeps the
child safe.

You can replicate the driver’s visibility by simply taking a photo of your Pogu reflective product with your camera/phone flash. Now try without the flash. If you were the driver, could you react in time?

If you have any questions about visibility on darker days and/or Pogu reflective products we would love to hear from you hello@pogu.co.uk

Stay Safe, Be Seen

Darker days and nearly night are reasons to stay safe and be seen. Pogu reflective accessories keep you safe when you don’t realise they are working. If you don’t particularly like the fluorescent look then don’t worry, we’re here to help!

Check out our products page to see our range of reflective accessories for you and your children – protect what matters.

Just Stand Out

It has been said that hi-vis clothing is over used and is starting to lose its purpose.

It has also been said that it makes people think an activity such as cycling is dangerous. This is not the case if you’re visible to drivers. Our Pogu reflective range offers that peace of mind that we know will protect your family and could even save a life.

You don’t need to stand out from the crowd, just stand out to car headlights. If you’re wearing dark colours and your buggy is black, do you stand out?  The discreet black and silver buggy stickers have been designed for you to offer that peace of mind on darker days. These are discreet during the day and incredibly reflective and visible to car headlights at dusk. When crossing the road have you ever pushed your child’s buggy into the road between parked cars? If you were the driver, could you stop in time? The simple and safe solution is the reflective range from Pogu. Each of our products has been designed to be simple and incredibly effective. Simple to apply, completely waterproof, no batteries required with over 200m reflective visibility to a car headlight. Each of our reflective products could save your child’s life – protect what matters.

If you have any questions, comments and advice please get in touch. We’d love to hear from you…