How Pogu Reflective Accessories Work

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Pogu is an award winning safety brand developing technically leading, robust safety products designed to keep your family safe. We specialise in innovative reflective safety accessories for the whole family, ranging from textile stickers to reflective zip pulls and shoe laces.

But how do the accessories keep your loved ones safe?

All Pogu products use the most advanced reflective technology in the world and are scientifically and safety tested for the baby and infant market. We work closely with 3M Scotchlite to develop our range of reflective accessories, meaning you and your children are visible to drivers and their car headlights whenever you wear Pogu reflective products.

Scotchlite is a retro-reflective material that works by returning light in the direction of the original light source, for example car headlights. This much greater distance of visibility gives the driver enough time to react and keep your child safe.

How far do the accessories reflect?

All Pogu products reflect over 200m. That’s 20 x the length of a double decker bus!

Who should use Pogu’s reflective accessories?

Our reflective accessories are designed with the whole family in mind. Our textile stickers, shoe laces and zip pulls are ideal for kids walking or cycling to school. The hard surface reflective stickers are perfect for Mums with pushchairs, as well as for sticking onto scooters and bikes. Any runners and cyclists out early in the morning or late at night will also benefit from our reflective clothing stickers and shoe laces.

Are they difficult to apply?

Not at all! Each of our products has been designed to be simple and incredibly effective. They are simple to apply, completely waterproof, no batteries are required, and they are easy to remove again if needed.

I’m not sure about fluorescent reflective clothing – won’t I look silly?

If you don’t like the fluorescent look then our products are perfect for you! All our accessories are discreet and can be applied to your own clothing, shoes and equipment. Our textile and hard surface stickers come in black and silver and are discreet during the day but incredibly reflective and visible to car headlights at dusk. Our shoe laces come in bright colours such as yellow, pink and blue for those who like to stand out, but also in a more subtle black for those not into bright colours.

Sounds great, where can I buy Pogu reflective accessories?

Pogu products can be purchased from various stockists across the UK, you can search for your nearest stockist here.

You can also buy the full Pogu product range on our website.


Happy shopping and remember to stay safe and seen.

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