National Cycle To School/Work Day – 13th September

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National Cycle To School/Work Day is on September 13th this year and its aim is to encourage adults across the UK to get on their bikes and commute to work for one day.

This is the fifth year of the event – have you taken part before?

If not, maybe this is your year to join in. Not only is cycling to work great for your health, it’s also good for the environment, cutting down on carbon emissions. Plus it’s good fun and saves you money on petrol.

Are any of your friends or colleagues taking part? Do they already cycle to work every day? If so, you could commute together, or maybe go on a bike ride on your way home from work.

If your bike has been in the garage for a while, make sure you give it a good check over before the day. Ensure you check the tyres, breaks and chain before heading off to work. Don’t forget your lights, cycling helmet and reflective gear if you think you might be heading home late from work.

If you don’t have a bike don’t let that stop you, maybe you could rent one for a couple of days. There are lots of cycle hire companies around, including the ‘Boris bikes’ in London. If you enjoy cycling you could then look into buying a bike later on.

Many employers offer the Cycle to Work Scheme as a benefit to their employees. Backed by the Government’s Green Transport Plan, the scheme makes a bike more affordable by allowing you to buy one tax free. Definitely worth asking your employer about.

If you are going to take part in National Cycle To Work Day, head over to the website and let them know you’re joining in.


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