The Importance Of Playing Outside

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Compared to when we were young, children are spending a lot less time playing outside. According to recent research the average child spend 6 hours per day using a screen!

There have been a lot of studies on screen usage with reports suggesting that excessive screen use in children can cause anything from diabetes, childhood obesity, and poor eye sight.

We’d all prefer our kids to spend time outdoors rather than glued to a screen, and there are obviously many benefits to this. Here are our top 5 reasons all kids should play outside more…

Improved Social Skills – Playing outside is unstructured and let kids think for themselves. It also helps them to get on with their peers, use their imaginations together, and take turns.

Reducing Stress Levels – Children can suffer from stress too, especially with the pressure they are under to do well at school and in after school activities. Being outside in the fresh air helps to reduce stress levels, make us feel more relaxed, and much happier.

Getting enough Vitamin D – You may have seen reports that Vitamin D deficiencies in children are on the rise. A lack of this essential vitamin can cause osteoporosis, diabetes and heart problems. Whilst you can take supplements, the best way to get Vitamin D is from sunlight. Even half an hour a day playing outside will help your children to get enough Vitamin D.

Improving eyesight – Children who spend time outside have been proven to have better long distance vision than those who spend most of their time indoors.

Stronger Immune System – microbes found in fresh air, dirt, grass, and trees are good for children as they promote a greater diversity in their guts, which benefits brains, metabolism, and immune systems.

Hopefully that’s enough reasons for you to prise the tablet out of their little hands and get them outside!

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