It’s National Bike Week – Encourage Your Children To Take Part In Bikeability!

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National Bike Week – 9th-17th June 2018 

We probably all remember the good old cycling proficiency lessons at school when we were kids. Riding our bikes around the playground once school had finished. Well Bikeability is the new version of this.

It’s a government-recognised scheme offering “practical and professional training” for cyclists of all abilities. Training providers have to use professional National Standard Instructors, so they are fully qualified as opposed to just having the PE teacher going through it like you probably remember from school. Courses are also completely free, so really it’s a no brainer!

There are three Bikeability levels, designed for all children to be able to improve their cycling skills. These go from those who are fairly new to cycling, allowing them to learn to master their bikes in a playground. Right up to the more experienced riders being taught the rules of the road by cycling on local streets.

Once the Bikeability course has been completed children will receive a badge and a certificate in recognition of the level they’ve achieved.

Learning to ride a bike is so important for all children, and Bikeability is a great way for kids to learn how to cycle on the road safely. Cycling is also a great way to keep kids active, as well as giving them the independence to get where they need to go without relying on mum or dad’s taxi.

Once your children have completed a Bikeability course you can feel more confident about them cycling home from school or to a friend’s house on their own. They’ll understand the dangers of the road, know what hazards to look out for, and what road markeings and traffic systems mean.

All your child needs to take part is a bike in good condition that they can ride without stabilisers.

Most Bikeability courses start in Year 4, and can be arranged by the school. If you’d like your child to join a course it’s a good idea to speak to their school and find out if they can arrange a course.

More information on Bikeability can be found here


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