Counting down to Christmas with Pogu

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If you close your eyes, open your ears and listen very, very carefully, you might just hear something awfully jolly. It’s the sound of distant sleigh bells and maybe even a very feint ho-ho-ho. That’s right; it’s the most wonderful time of the year once again, and we’re counting down the days, munching on the mince pies and decking the halls in fine festive style.

December has just rolled around and it seems like for every door of the advent calendar you open, there’s another thing to get prepared for the big day. A tiny piece of chocolate is all well and good, but there’s also a feast to plan, presents to buy (never mind the wrapping!) and a tree to decorate in beautiful twinkling lights.

They’re an iconic symbol of the holiday season now, but the very first Christmas trees were decorated to breathe a little warmth and light back into those dark, cold winter’s nights. If you’re worried about the safety of your own little elves this Christmas, it might just be the perfect time to invest in some twinkling lights of their own. There’s no need for a messy tangle of cables or finding the broken bulb either!

At Pogu, we have sparkling selection of reflective baubles; from patches to adorn winter coats and rucksacks, to stroller stickers and armbands for the littler ones. They’re beautiful, bright and reflective up to 200m! Whether they’re out carolling, snowman building or snowball throwing, they’ll be safe, seen and all lit up like a like a walking Christmas tree.

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