Clocks Changing – 27th October

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It’s that time of the year when winter is getting nearer and daylight-saving times ends. It’s great news if you like an extra hour in bed in the morning – not such good news if you have small children as they’ll be up even earlier!

When do the clocks go back?

The clocks will go back by one hour on Sunday 29th October at 2am. It’s a good idea to change all of your clocks on Saturday night before you go to bed, so that you don’t forget on Sunday morning. Though of course most phones nowadays will change automatically. If you’ve already put the heating on you probably want to change the clock on your thermostat so the heating still comes on at the right time.

What does this mean?

The clocks going back means that unfortunately British Summer Time is officially over for another year. The sun will rise an hour later in the morning and set an hour earlier at night, meaning darker mornings and shorter days.

It could also mean that your commute to and from work and school is now done in the ark.

What to do if you’ll be walking or cycling to school and/or work in the dark:

Plan a safe route that has plenty of streetlights, safe places to cross the road, and cycle lanes if you will be commuting by bike
Make sure you can be seen easily by passing traffic by wearing something with brighter colours. You could also apply reflective accessories to yours and your children’s clothes, bikes & scooters, and pushchair. You can find out here how reflective stickers and shoelaces work to keep you safe.
Teach your children how to be safe on the walk to school, this is important whether they will be walking alone or with you. We have some great safety tips in this blog post.

So don’t forget – put your clocks back by one hour before you go to bed on Saturday 27th October.

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