Back to school for the first time

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It’s almost that time, heading back to school for the new term – or starting school for the first time for some children.

If your child is starting school then you might not be too sure what to expect, or what you’ll need to buy. With school aged children ourselves, the Pogu team are here to help!

What to expect

Paperwork – reading books to be recorded, sponsorship forms to be signed, attendance at assemblies to be confirmed, you almost need a PA to keep on top of the paperwork.

Tired kids – After a couple of full weeks of school your child will be shattered. Come Friday they’ll most likely be in bed earlier than ever before!

No information about their day – if you’re expecting your child to come out of the school gates and tell you all about their day then we’re afraid you’ll be disappointed. Getting any information out of them is like getting blood out of a stone.

Homework – even getting a 4 or 5-year-old to sit for long enough to write a couple of words can be hard work. Don’t leave it until Sunday night every week as it will take much longer than you think.

Parties and more parties – with an average class size of 30 kids, you can expect your child to be invited to a lot of birthday parties. Your weekends will no longer be your own.

What you’ll need

Plenty of school clothes – they will come home dirty every day whether it’s lunch all down their clothes or board marker across their shirts. We’d advise getting enough t-shirts for a clean one every day and several pairs of trousers or skirts.

Snacks – no one likes a ‘hangry’ child so don’t forget to take a snack on the school run with you.

Workbooks – it’s amazing how much they learn at such an early age. You may want to get some workbooks such as phonics or handwriting so you can help them out at home as well.

Fancy dress outfits – There’s a lot of charity days and sponsored events that always need a dressing up costume of some sort. It’s a good idea to keep an eye out for any costumes you see on sale or in charity shops.

Head lice repellent – not a very nice thought but in some classes headlice can be very common. Using a spray or shampoo regularly can help to keep them at bay.

Don’t forget!

Days off – if you work then you may want to think about booking your days off for half terms and inset days in advance to make sure you have them sorted.

Label everything – make sure you name all items of clothing, bags and equipment as children have a knack for leaving things lying around. You don’t want to have to keep replacing everything.

Reflective accessories – a few weeks into the new school year and the days will be getting shorter with the school runs being done almost in the dark as we get closer to Christmas. Make sure you can all be seen on the dark walks to and from school by using some reflective accessories.

Stay safe – as well as staying seen, we have lots of other tips to make sure your kids are safe when cycling or walking to work. Check out our blog for lots of great advice.

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