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Stay safe when the clocks change this year

By 24th October 2018 No Comments

It’s that time of year again…

The clocks are about to go back, which we all know means losing out on precious sunlight in the evenings…there’s no need to worry, we’re here to help! This post will give you some solutions on how to go about your daily late afternoon/evening activities, while staying safe through the winter months.

Lighten up

Maybe your child has hit the age where they want more freedom; therefore they may want to walk home from school/activities alone, in little or no light. POGU products are designed with this exact thought in mind! Customise clothes, bags and many other items with POGU reflective textile stickers; these are visible to cars over 200m away and use the most advanced technology on the market.

Another problem with the night’s drawing in earlier is for you; the parent. You may be heading to pick up your kids from nursery, school, an after school event or maybe you’ve decided to walk to the shops with your stroller. All of which is made difficult when it’s darker.

After all 40% of road accidents occur when it is dark, and when the clocks go back every autumn; road casualties rise, especially in pedestrians. RoSPA showed that during a working week casualty rates in children peak at 8am and 3.30pm. So make sure that you and loved ones aren’t included in these statistics by staying visible at night.

Check out POGU reflective wheel designs and hard surface stickers, created with your family in mind.

“Be seen, be safe” Is the best advice we can give you!

Visit the POGU website to check out the products mentioned.

Knowledge is POWER

Educating your children on road safety is something that needs to be handled by parents. Road safety is not a subject that is concentrated on at most schools. Making the subject fun for your kids is the best way to get them interested and making it memorable. We recommend the POGU reflective arm bands or shoe laces, which can be found in the link to our website.

Visit the link below for quizzes and games to educate your children on road safety.

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