10 Baby Proof Hazards You May Have Forgotten

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You may have been trying to put off the inevitable but when your baby decides it’s time to branch out and start exploring the world then it’s time for the baby proofing to begin.

When your baby starts crawling then it’s like a whole new world will have been opened up. You may find yourself rushing to cover up plug sockets and adding cabinet locks but there are a lot more hazards out there that you may have forgotten about.

Here are 10 baby proof hazards that you may have forgotten…

Fridge magnets. Place your fridge magnets up high because kids love to play with them and they’re a potential choking hazard.

Make your rugs non slip. We’ve all stepped on to a rug and its slipped from under us, so when your baby starts to walk then it’s vital that you make sure that the rugs don’t slip out from a toddling baby. Use a non-slip pad underneath.

Check houseplants. Make sure that they are the non toxic variety.

Check out hand me down baby toys. Whilst you may be grateful for any toys that are passed your way, don’t let your children play with old toys or toys that have paint chipping off. Also make sure that there are no loose bits or long cords.

Turn down your water. To avoid scalding it’s a good idea to turn the hot water down. This will also benefit your energy bills.

Handbags and purses should be put up high. Handbags and wallets can contain all kinds of poisons or choking hazards. Make sure that you place them up high and out of the way so that there’s no chance of your baby getting in to them.

The family dog. He or she may be a beloved member of the family but you need to be mindful that it is still a dog and you can never be sure of their actions. Always supervise your child with any pets you have.

Cover radiators. Radiators obviously get very hot, so to avoid burns think about purchasing radiator covers.

Mount book cases to the wall. Toddling babies are going to look to things like bookcases to pull themselves up if they stumble. So make sure that you bolt the bookcases to the wall to avoid them tipping over on the child.

A toilet lock. For some reason the bathroom seems to be the mecca of the house. Purchase a toilet lock so that your baby can’t lift the lid and potentially fall in.

Baby proofing doesn’t take a lot of time but can make a huge difference.

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