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How do your children get to school every day? If you drive them but would like to leave the car at home then maybe a walking to school bus could work for you.

What is a walking to school bus?

A walking to school bus is when a group of children walk to school with one or more adults. It could be a childminder walking several children to school, or a few parents getting together to walk their children to school together.

Why a walking to school bus is a good idea…

Walking to school every day with their friends is a fun way to get your children doing more exercise. Exercise first thing in the morning is proven to help children concentrate better at school.

Many parents drive their kids to school because they are worried about the risks of children walking to school by themselves. A walking to school bus with adults supervising is a good way to ensure that children are walking safely.

If you have to rush off to work after the school run, maybe you can arrange with another mum to take it in turns to supervise the walking to school bus.

How to set up a walking to school bus…

It’s so easy to set up a walking to school bus. To begin with you could pair up with a friend or neighbour, and walk your children to school together. If other friends live on your route you can invite them to join you. Maybe you can ask the school to include it in a newsletter to parents so that other families can join in too.

Things to consider…

Think about the route you are going to walk and pick a safe route with pavements, paths and as few crossings as possible. Make sure that the children are aware of any hazards along the route beforehand.

Give yourself plenty of time to get to school, walking with a group of children will probably take longer than just walking with one or two.

You will need to ensure that you have enough adults to supervise the number of children walking. A good guide is one adult for every three children aged 4-6 years. For children older than 6 years you can have one adult for every six children.

You don’t have to do it every day if it doesn’t fit in, you could arrange with other parents which days you each supervise the walk.


Do you think you could set up a walking to school bus? We’d love to hear from you and see photos of your ‘bus’!

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