Have a Safe Summer

It’ll soon be the summer holidays, time for lots of summer fun for kids of all ages. Six weeks off school is plenty of time to pack lost of activities in and have some great adventures.

Whatever their ages, here are some ways to keep your children safe over the summer:


Avoiding Sun Stroke and Sun Burn

Hopefully we’ll be lucky enough for plenty of sun over the summer holidays. If you and your family are spending time outdoors on a hot day make sure that you’re well equipped for the heat. Make sure you all drink plenty of water, slap on the suncream, and try to stay out of the sun during the hottest part of the day. Be careful when covering a pushchair to keep the sun out, babies can overheat if you put a heavy blanket over them to create shade.

Don’t Leave Children In The Car

It’s sometimes tempting to leave the kids in the car while you run into the shop or to the cash machine, but you should never leave children in a parked car even if the windows are open. You might think you’ll only be a minute but you never know when you’ll be delayed.

Preventing Injuries

Spending lots of time outdoors increases the chance of someone getting injured. Most accidents can’t be foreseen and a few grazed knees are bound to happen. You can try to prevent more serious accidents by making sure you supervise young children at all times, especially in the garden or a play park. Always seek medical advice if your child bumps their head and keep an eye out for concussion.

Be wary of picnic food poisoning

Going on a picnic is a great way to spend a sunny afternoon, getting food poisoning afterwards isn’t! Make sure everyone washes their hands before eating, especially the children who may have been touching play equipment or anything off the ground. Keep food as cool as possible and throw away anything that has melted or overheated. If you’re having a BBQ don’t forget to make sure all food is cooked all the way through.

Using safety equipment

If you’re going off on a bike ride or the kids are scooting or skateboarding, make sure they always wear cycling helmets and the necessary safety accessories. If you’re going to be out in the evening make sure everyone has good reflective accessories even if it’s a lighter evening.


Have a great summer and stay safe!

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