Getting Teens To Be Seen

If you have teenagers you’ve probably given in by now, and allowed them to walk or cycle to school and their friends’ houses by themselves. No matter how grown up your kids seem, it won’t stop you from worrying about them whenever they are out of the house.

As a parent you’ve probably also had the talks with your kids about staying safe on the roads, what route to take, and always letting you know where they’re going and when they get there.

It’s also important to make sure your children can be seen by drivers when they are walking or cycling, especially if they are out in the dark.

No matter how hard you try, most teens aren’t going to want to wear fluorescent hi-viz clothing, but there are other ways to make them safe and visible to traffic. Here are some tips on getting teens to be seen…

If you can’t encourage your teens to wear colours other than black then maybe they’ll agree to a brightly coloured bag. If not, reflective strips or stickers may help. Mixed with some brightly coloured badges teens can customise their bags to suit their style.

Reflective stickers can also be added to bikes if they don’t want to stick anything to their clothing.

Let teens customise their shoes with some funky reflective laces – these come in a range of colours so they can pick their favourite.

If your teenager doesn’t like the idea of reflective stickers and laces then they can’t argue with a simple reflective zip pull. These are so discreet they probably wouldn’t even notice it if you added it to their coat or hoody!

The more ‘reflective’ you can make your teen, the better they’ll be seen by other people on the roads.

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