Cycling Safety Tips For Kids

Cycling is great fun and a good way for kids to get regular exercise. However, many parents drive their children to school because they worry about the dangers of them cycling to school alone, mainly concerns around traffic.

If children know how to be safe on the roads and are aware of the dangers, then you don’t need to worry. With these bike safety tips you can help your kids to minimise the dangers and be safer, and more confident, on the roads.

Cycling safety tips for kids:

Bike maintenance – always make sure that your child’s bike fits them properly. Remember to adjust the height of the saddle and handle bars if they’ve had a growth spurt. You should also ensure that the brakes work properly and the tyres are pumped.

Safety equipment – whilst it’s not law, children should always be encouraged to wear a cycling helmet. Reflective accessories are also a good idea – these don’t have to be hi-viz clothing, reflective stickers on backpacks or reflective laces can be subtle but effective.

Follow the Highway code – teach your children the rules of the road to help them be aware of and know how to handle potential hazards.

Cycle together – get some practice in and cycle with your children until they are confident on the roads. Cycle behind your child so that you can always see them.

Be sensible – kids should know not to mess around on or near roads. Stick to the cycle paths, and cycle in single file if with friends.

No distractions – headphones should never be worn when cycling as you can’t hear approaching traffic. Make sure your children also know to keep phones in their bags when cycling.

Bikeability – if you are still worried or if your child needs to gain a bit more confidence then you can enroll them in a Bikeability course.


We hope these tips help your kids to cycle to school safely.

Happy cycling!


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