It’s National Bike Week – Encourage Your Children To Take Part In Bikeability!

National Bike Week – 9th-17th June 2018  We probably all remember the good old cycling proficiency lessons at school when we were kids. Riding our bikes around the playground once school had finished. Well Bikeability is the new version of this. It’s a government-recognised scheme offering “practical and professional training” for cyclists of all abilities. […]

Child Safety Week – Sharing is Caring

This year Child Safety Week takes place from 5th – 11th June and the theme is “Sharing Is Caring”. The aim is to raise the risk of child accidents by parents, family and friends sharing their experiences and advice on how to prevent accidents and stay safe. Sharing your own experiences and wisdom really helps […]

Walk To School Week – 21st-26th May 2018

How will you be walking to school this week? You could hop, walk or even jog… 6 benefits of walking to school: The kids get to school refreshed and ready for the day ahead Walking to school a few times a week not only gets your children doing more exercise, but you too! You will […]

Bike To School Week

This year bike to school day is 9th May. At Pogu we love cycling and encouraging kids to get out on their bikes whenever possible. The mornings are brighter now, and hopefully the weather should be nice and dry at the start of June – perfect conditions for an early morning bike ride. There are […]

7 Tips For Walking To School Safety

Is your child going to secondary school later in the year? It can be a nerve wracking an emotional time for parents. Your child is growing up and you have to let go a bit and allow them to do things on their own. Walking to school by themselves might be one of these things. […]

The Walking Bus – How to Start…

How do your children get to school every day? If you drive them but would like to leave the car at home then maybe a walking to school bus could work for you. What is a walking to school bus? A walking to school bus is when a group of children walk to school with […]

National Cycle To School/Work Day – 13th September

National Cycle To School/Work Day is on September 13th this year and its aim is to encourage adults across the UK to get on their bikes and commute to work for one day. This is the fifth year of the event – have you taken part before? If not, maybe this is your year to […]

Back to school for the first time

It’s almost that time, heading back to school for the new term – or starting school for the first time for some children. If your child is starting school then you might not be too sure what to expect, or what you’ll need to buy. With school aged children ourselves, the Pogu team are here […]