Bike To School Week

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This year bike to school day is 9th May. At Pogu we love cycling and encouraging kids to get out on their bikes whenever possible.

The mornings are brighter now, and hopefully the weather should be nice and dry at the start of June – perfect conditions for an early morning bike ride.

There are lots of good reasons to encourage your children to take part in bike to school week, some of these include:

  • Children will get their daily dose of exercise
  • Riding to school with friends gives kids some extra time to socialise
  • Research shows that exercise can help kids to be more alert at school
  • Leaving the car at home will save you money on petrol
  • Children will have fun cycling to school
  • Letting older kids cycle to school by themselves will help them to be independent
  • You can help to save the planet by not using your car as much

If these benefits of cycling to school have persuaded you to get your kids involved, there are some things you will need to do to prepare:

  • Take some time to check over the bike including the tyres, brakes and height of the saddle
  • Even though this time of year should be bright and sunny, mornings can still be gloomy so ensure your kids have reflective clothing or back packs so they can be easily seen by traffic
  • Make sure the bike has adequate reflectors and lights
  • Plan the route to school with your child so they know where to go and are aware of any potential hazards
  • Buy a lock to ensure their bike is safe while they are in school

If you or your child decides to take part in Bike to School Week we hope you have fun and stay safe!

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