7 Tips For Walking To School Safety

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Is your child going to secondary school later in the year? It can be a nerve wracking an emotional time for parents. Your child is growing up and you have to let go a bit and allow them to do things on their own.

Walking to school by themselves might be one of these things. It’s something that is definitely worth considering. Walking to school is a healthy activity for children that encourages independence. It also means less use of the car and your time, which is a bonus!

Here are a few things to think about over the summer before you allow your children to walk to school by themselves at the start of the new school year…

  1. Stop, look & listen – an obvious one, but something to make sure all kids have ingrained into their brains!
  2. No mobile phones or headphones – children can be glued to their mobile phones but should understand the dangers of talking on their phones or listening to music when walking along and crossing busy roads.
  3. Stay alert – other distractions include messing around with friends and general day dreaming.
  4. Safe place to cross – Check they know where are safe places to cross the road in the absence of a crossing, and also where dangerous places to cross are.
  5. Walk the route together first – this will help your child to learn the route to school and be aware of any hazardous points. It will also put your mind at rest that they know where they’re going.
  6. Walk with friends – if you’re nervous about your kids walking to school alone then you could encourage them to walk with some friends who live nearby.
  7. Reflective accessories  – especially useful in winter months as the mornings and afternoons get darker. Reflective clothing stickers or shoe laces can help kids to be seen whilst not cramping their style.

Will you be letting your children walk to school alone in September?


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